Multi-Genre Research Paper

You will be writing a research paper that provides a cohesive analysis of your topic.

This paper should have a thesis, and it should provide insight into your topic that is more than just a collection of sourced information.

This paper may be in the form of an analytical essay, an expository research paper, or an argumentative paper.

The tone will be formal, and it will use appropriate source material that is interpreted and integrated into a cohesive whole.

See excellent research papers by Paul Levi, Anna Orlov, and Ned Bishop used by Diane Hacker, who is the author of The Writer's Reference.

These papers can be found at

Also on Hacker's Website are the following useful tips for Evaluating Sources

Your paper should include the following:

  • A clear adherence to the overall impact of your project, or your repetend.

  • A minimum of at least three pages, depending on how many pages of alternative genre you have.

  • MLA formatting with in text parenthetical documentation.

To check your MLA formatting please see the OWL Purdue MLA Formatting website.

You will be writing this paper in three steps.

1. Gathering Sources

You must have a minimum of six sources for your works cited page. Three of which must be used in your paper. The remaining should be used for your alternative

genre elements.

Your sources should be credible (authoritative) and full of useful content.

You must include at least three sources that exist outside of the web (they can be found on the web, but should exist in some "pulp" form)

You must properly document your sources on NoodleTools

2. Gleaning Information

From your sources you need to have at least thirty note cards (averaging five per source)

Notecards should be titled effectively to provide understanding of the information and it's function in the paper.

3. Outlining Paper

You will produce an outline of the paper - see below. That begins to articulate its structure and organize its content.

4. Research Paper Rough Draft/Final Draft

You will write the paper, self analyze and receive feedback and then write your final draft.

Research Paper Outline

Many thanks to Bethany University for this Research Outline

The original can be found at here.

Outline for Writing a Research Paper

See the original for proper indentation, as indentation is not possible on this wiki site.

I. Introduction- begin with Thesis Statement: In one clear sentence state the focus of your paper.

A. Key points (have at least three, but no more than five)

1. state each main point that you’ll be making in the paper

2. main point

3. main point

4. main point

5. main point

II. Body of paper- outline the topic sentence and supporting research for each point you’ll be covering in the paper, beginning with point #1 stated in the introduction.

A. Point 1- topic sentence idea

1. research concept a. supporting idea(s) b. connect to next concept

2. research concept a. supporting idea(s) b. connect to next concept

3. research concept a. supporting idea(s) b. connect to next topic idea

B. Point 2- topic sentence idea

1. research concept a. supporting idea(s) b. connect to next concept

2. research concept CONTINUE FORMAT

3. “ “

C. Point 3- topic sentence idea and CONTINUE FORMAT

D. Point 4- topic sentence idea and CONTINUE FORMAT

E. Point 5- topic sentence idea and CONTINUE FORMAT



3. after last point is made and supported, create a transition to summary and conclusion

III. Summary paragraph- create a key summary sentence that declares a wrap-up of concepts to begin this paragraph

A. Follow the summary sentence with clear sentences that summarize each of the main ideas that have been discussed in the body of the paper

1. summary of point 1

2. summary of point 2

3. summary of point 3

4. summary of point 4

5. summary of point 5

IV. Conclusion- transition to the ending of your paper and final thoughts in a paragraph

V. Reference/Works Cited page in alphabetical order by last name (see MLA format)

Your research paper rough draft is worth 50 Points.

Final draft will be worth 75 Points.

Research Paper Rubric

Please see the below PDF for the rubric we will be using.

The original is from here.