Multi-Genre Research Project

The Project

A multi-genre research project provides you the opportunity to research a subject of your choice, look at it from a perspective or multiple perspectives, and synthesize your findings in a variety of genre components.

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of Multi-Genre Research, see below for links to writings about and examples of Multi-Genre Projects.

A PowerPoint Explanation a M-G Research Project is Here.

A Website Exploring Benefits of Multi-Genre Writing Projects is Here

Examples of Multi-Genre Research Projects are Here .

The Process

We will begin this in 3rd Quarter.

You will choose any subject matter, person, literary work, problem, idea, historic event, issue, or process (etc. ballet) you wish to study. You will be spending a lot of time on this - so choose a topic you enjoy learning about and discussing.

Together we will form a question that you can take with you into your academic research. As you are learning about the subject (minimum of 6 sources in bibliography), you will begin to choose your genres and start to construct your project. You will get thirty/forty minutes a week to work on this in class, so the preponderance of your research, writing, art, etc. will be done outside of class.

You will receive your rubric at the beginning of the process, and this project will be scaffolded with lots of little bench marks along the way. The final product will be due at the end of third quarter.

Timeline for MG Project:

Remember that a total of 5 different pieces must be included with three genres covered as described below. You must achieve a total of 7 pages for your alternative elements with an additional three pages research exposition.

Proposal Prompt - Jan 20th (in class)

Mind Map Tuesday Jan 25th (in class)

Works Cited 6 Sources Feb 1st (in class)

First 3 Alternative Genre Pieces Declared Feb 1st (due)

First Element Due Feb 3rd

Second Element due Feb 8th

Third Element due Feb 15th

Declare Intended Repetend 15th

Fourth Element due Feb 21st

Notecards due Feb 22nd

Research Exposition Outline due Feb 24th

Fifth Element due Feb 28th

First Page of Research Element due March 1st (to be reviewed by me)

Table of Contents due March 3rd

Full Research Exposition due March 7th (with revisions from first page incorporated)

Dear Reader/Preface due March 10th

Full Multi Genre Research Project due March 14th

The Structure

Your paper will contain the following elements in this order. See page length guidelines below for the minimum length required.

Page 1: Title Page

Page 2: Preface/Dear Reader Letter

Page 3: Table of Contents

Pages 4-13: Multigenre project

(Your first section should include exposition in which your thesis is revealed. However, this section does not have to be the entire three pages at once.)

Page 14: Works Cited Page

A Multi-Genre Research Project about Walt Disney

The Components

As stated previously, your research paper will contain both a short traditional research paper, and a collection of alternative genre elements that will also provide insights and understanding into your topic. You will not, however, just be slapping together a series of un-related pieces. Your multi-genre project will include several components as listed below, and it will find its cohesion in a repetend.

The following section on repetend is borrowed from an unknown author's assignment, to be found at

The Repetend

The purpose of a repetend is to create unity and coherence in a multigenre piece. It also allows the reader to hear the writer’s voice and have a string that carries through the entire piece. Using a repetend is like using a thesis to tie a traditional research paper together.

Ideas for creating a repetend (you may think of something different):
  • include the same phrase, sentence, or passage in each genre page as a heading or somewhere else in the text
  • include a description or design in each piece (written or graphic), placed strategically for easy recognition
  • include a running commentary from you, the writer, following or preceding each genre piece
  • address a particular narrative perspective or series of perspectives that are related.
  • have a reoccurring idea or image in each piece.
  • have a particular argument, point of view, or thesis that is throughout the whole project.

Your multi-genre project must include:

Traditional Research Exposition

An analytical, expository, or argumentative essay or a research paper in at least three pages. This should follow a traditional structure and articulate your thesis or main idea. This will use parenthetical documentation (MLA) with the Works Cited Page at the back of the project.

Multi-Genre Research Components (5 different ones from 3 Categories)

The project must also include five elements from three of the following multi-genre categories. Within each category there will be many options of expression, and they are not limited to what I have listed below. If you think of an additional genre that you believe would fit the category, please see me before your proceed. If you would like, you may include more than three categories, and you may even double up (two poems, a photograph, and a blog, for example).

You must reach the minimum length requirement of 7 total pages (if you only have a three page essay/research paper) .

Creative Writing - Poem, Scene, Short Story, Vignette, Menu, Letter, Memoir, Song, Obituary, Eulogy, etc.

Visual Component - Photographs, Art, Collages, Map w/legend, Wanted Poster, Cartoon, Chart/Graph, etc.

Non-Fiction - Newspaper article, Biography, History, Essay, Movie Review, etc. (this is in addition to your research exposition)

Web 2.0 Genre - Blog, Twitter, Facebook/MySpace Profile, Wiki, PowerPoint, etc. , Voicethread, Website - screen-shots to be included

Here is the PDF that articulates the rubric and criteria for your MG Research Project.

Here is a PowerPoint Presentation explanation of what is described above.