Hamlet Act 5 - Final Words

As part of our final words, we spent time in class summarizing the major ideas and smaller pieces that we have touched on with Hamlet.

Please ensure that you are comfortable with each of these elements going into the Hamlet section of our midterm. Reviewing the section on these pages will be the best way to do this, and asking clarifying questions on Thursday or Monday of next week during our reviews.

Major Themes in Hamlet

1. Corruption

1. What are the different types of corruption?

2. Why does power lend itself to corruption?

2. Growing-up

1. When does the pain of growing up stop? What does it mean to be grown-up?

2. Why do girls grow up faster than boys?

3. Dramatic Arc

1. What are the elements of the dramatic arc?

2. Where can we see these in Hamlet?

Extra Goodness

1. Symbols - The skull of Yorrick symbolizes death, which then Hamlet is able to deal with before returning to the court.

2. Motif - The reoccurring idea of Laertes as a foil for Hamlet throughout the play.

3. Ambiguities - Hamlet's age being stated as thirty in Act V, Scene I, but this being contraindicate throughout the rest of the play where he seems to be much younger (teenager).