Welcome to Hamlet!

Since there is a breadth of material to cover in Hamlet, and I feel like we are only able to scratch the surface in class, I have created this wiki-page for us to dialogue about our readings as we proceed through the play.

I've also attached BBC's animated version in three parts which can assist you in understanding the play.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

How to Use This -

Please consider using this wiki to ask me or others questions, pose ideas or responses to the readings, and to review our "big ideas" as we discussed them in class. You can also add your own pages with musings or responses as you read Hamlet.

Topics Covered -

We will discuss three big ideas in Hamlet:

1. Growing up - When is the pain of growing up over (i.e. when are you grown up)?

2. Corruption - Why does power corrupt, and what types of corruption are there?

3. The Dramatic Arc in Literature. The last one is more technical, but we will use Hamlet to identify the elements of the dramatic arc which we can then refer back to for the remainder of the year.

We will also be touching on a few smaller ideas including Shakespeare's use of foils, symbols, and any other goodness that comes up as we go.

I will be updating this page as we go, and hopefully you will find us useful. It will be most useful as you look towards studying for your quarter exam.

Hamlet Schedule -

Our schedule of reading is as follows:

Act 1 due August 26th

Act 2 due Sept 2nd

Act 3 due Sept 9th

Act 4 due Sept 16

Act 5 due Sept 23rd

English 12 Quarter Exam October 5th