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"Smells of Home" - Sandip Roy

In this story that we read to day, the character of Savitri yearns to leave behind the familiarity of her home in India. As a young girl, she is attracted to the foreign smells (representing what she envisions of the life there) of England specifically. As she is grows up and moves to the United States, the reality of her circumstances are a jarring contrast to her initial naive envisioning of leaving India.

As we read this piece, we will be looking at two things:

Describing an Author's Style

We will be working to describe how an author uses language to inform our experience of his story.
An author's style can include lots of different elements, including tone, diction, and syntax, as we discussed with our reading of Metamorphosis.

In this case, however, we will be looking specifically at Roy's use of sensory writing, imagery, and point of view. With these stylistic elements, Roy creates a vivid world in a short span and brings the experiences of Savitri to life for the reader.

You will be asked to write a short analytical essay describing the effect of one stylistic element in this story. You will be encouraged to use the Sensory Detail graphic organizer you receive on Tuesday in class to prepare for this in class writing. This essay will be about how the author uses a stylistic element and to what effect.

Example: Roy uses (imagery, diction/sensory language/point of view) in order to (create a feeling of/show us/help us understand) something about the story, the world, or the character of Savitri or Avinash.

Tracking Development of a Character

We will also examine the character of Savitri and how she changes over the course of the story. To do this, we observe what she feels, thinks, does, the choices she makes, and her effect on her environment. Most characters change, grow, or develop through a narrative, and by recording our observations we can see how this happens. Organizing these observations, we can then trace the development of a character through a story.