Holy Names High School English 12 Wiki

Laura James - Black Girl with Wings

I've put these pages together to continue my instruction outside of the classroom with a summary of the big points, our discussion, and additional thoughts on the texts. I would also love to have your shared discussion of what we read in class.

Usually content is added by me, but sometimes I will be sharing content on these pages that is created by students.

The content of the page is organized by topic alphabetically. Let me know if you have any problems finding anything on this site by emailing me.

Here you can review our class syllabus.

Here are my PowerPoint Presentations for Q1, Q2, and S2 so far:

Ways to use this Wiki

  • Read notes from in-class lectures, my summation of our class discussion, and my additional musings.

  • Add your own pages with topics or respond to the pages I set up.

I hope that these pages are helpful! Let me know if you think of any ways these pages can be used and improved.

I look forward to our work together.

-Ms Rodriguez