Semester Exam Review - 80 Points and 10% Total Semester Grade

Review Sheet PDF to Print

Your exam will be broken down into three sections as indicated below:

1. Vocabulary (1-6) 30 Questions - 15 Points

This will be your standard Sadlier/Oxford quiz

2. Writing/Grammar Lessons 7 Questions - 15 Points

  • This will require you to identify the parts of a sentence: phrase, clause, and the types of sentences simple, complex, compound, compound/complex.
  • This section will also require you to identify and fix common sentence errors: fragment, comma splice, fused, and run-on sentences.

The example sentences that will require repair will come from Grammar Bytes sections that we have practiced.
Please see Grammar Bytes to practice in advance.

3. Anthology Literature

6 Short Answer Questions - 30 Points and

1 (3 Paragraph) Essay - 20 Points

Please be prepared to show off your skills in analyzing an author's argument, showing how context helps us understand literature, describing an author's style, and analyzing a characters development with the literature we've studied this quarter.

Please bring your anthology to class on exam day as you will need to provide specifics/quotes for these pieces of literature.
The literature you will be responsible for on your exam follows:

Human Conduct
Homespun Love
Dead Man's Path
Picnic on a Battlefield
Smells of Home

Your questions will come in the form of short answers, and one longer essay that compares two pieces of literature on one theme.

Short Answers: These will be answered in three to four sentences, and will address a specific idea we discussed in class about the literature we have read and the skills we've worked on reading it. Your answer should include a thesis (answer) and evidence. You will need to use specifics or quotes as a part of your evidence.

Example Question: How does Kafka use diction in Metamorphosis?

How does Savitri's character develop throughout "Smells of Home"?

How does knowing the personal context Laura Partnoy help us understand her poetry?

Essay:You will write a short essay (3 paragraph) comparing two pieces of literature. You will have two options from which to choose for this.

For the essay, you may use your Character Development Graphic Orgnanizer and your Conversation Roundtable Organizer as notes.

Your best method of reviewing literature is to re-read and review notes or the notes provided on the wiki.

Review of Instructional Points:

  • Analyzing an author’s arguments: Metamorphosis, Conduct, Picnic on the Battlefield, “Dead Man’s Path”

  • Understanding literature in context:

Personal Context (Partnoy)

Cultural Context (“Girl”, Conduct, "Dead Man's Path")

Genre Context (Picnic on the Battlefield)

  • Describing author’s style:

Tone (Metamorphosis)

Diction/Specifics (Metamorphosis)

Syntax (Metamorphosis)

Imagery (“Smells of Home”)

Diction/Sensory (“Smells of Home”)

  • Analyzing character development (“Smells of Home”/Dead Man's Path)