English 12 1st Midterm

Midterm is on October 5th

Review is October 4th

Your midterm exam will cover the following topics:

1. Vocab Units 1-3 (Sadlier/Oxford Quiz)

2. Writing Lessons - Grammar

3. Hamlet - This section will consist of two longer essays (3/4 -1 page) and four shorter essays (4 sentences or longer).

You will have your choice of the two longer essays from the two themes we discussed (corruption and growing up) and from your three reading response questions.

You will be required to use three specifics from at least three different acts to support your thesis (with scene and line references) for both of these longer essays.

The four shorter essay questions will cover the motif of Hamlet vs. Laertes (foil), the skull as a symbol, the dramatic arc, and the great age debate.

I will provide you the thesis for the longer essay prompts, and they will be answered in the same format as your previous Hamlet responses.

All of the content for lectures on Hamlet and the writing lesson PowerPoint and grammar exercises are available on this website, so this place will be a great place to review.

Attached is my lecture PowerPoint if you need to review Journal Entries or other materials we have covered.